Shows with Mark Croft

Mark Croft is a great performer and songwriter who asked me to join him and his band for a couple shows this week. We played a great show at a … More

Jazz with Gerri DiMaggio

I used to play a lot of jazz but hadn’t played any jazz gigs in a while. It was nice to play two shows this week with Geri DiMaggio. Gerri … More

Purple Haze at Memorial High School

With a photo of Jimi Hendrix as cool as this, I don’t even need a reason to post it… I had a good time helping out the orchestra at Memorial … More

Irish music with O’Darby and The Kissers

I look forward to March because I get more chances to play Irish music. This year I played some shows with O’Darby, a group that I’ve played with for a … More

Playing with The Best Westerns

I’ve been playing with a new band, The Best Westerns, for the past few months. It’s a Bob Wills-style band covering a lot of repertoire from that period. The driving … More

Jean-Luc Ponty “Aurora” solo transcription

It’s time for another Ponty transcription! This is Ponty’s intro to Part II of his tune, Aurora , from the album of the same name. It’s a killer solo played … More

Recording with Katie Powderley

I recorded with Katie Powderly earlier this year and the CD is scheduled to be released this spring. You can check her out at her website Here’s a small … More


I’ve been playing some shows lately with the band Emmettville. Described as Alt-Country-Soul, the tunes are fun to play and easy to like. (Check out “My Melinda” on my “listen” … More

Recording at Smart with Freedy Johnston

I played a session today with Freedy Johnston at Smart. He’s sounding great and I’m looking forward to hearing the new record. We worked up some three part violin lines … More

Jean-Luc Ponty “Open Mind” solo transcription

This is the title song of Ponty’s 1984 album Open Mind and is the first track on the record. The solo section is basically a development from the song’s initial … More