“Posh de Wash”—Harmonious Wail, Airborne

A couple years ago, on my birthday, I was having the feelings that a lot of people have each year as they get older. I was still working at my day job, driving a delivery van early in the morning, when I heard some violin playing I recognized but couldn’t place as they went to break on NPR’s Morning Edition. After a moment, I realized it was this solo. It cheered me up considerably to know that, as I delivered stuff in my van, people around the country were listening to a bit of my playing.

Song:  Posh de Wash - Airborne  Album: Airborne - Harmonious Wail

 “Back in the Zone” by Michael Brandmeier and Mark Croft

I recorded a song at Smart Studios with Michael Brandmeier a couple years ago called “Back in the Zone.” It’s a great tune that he co-wrote with  Mark Croft.  This recording has been used a number of times now on the NBC show “The Voice.”

Here’s a bit of violining:

Song:  Posh de Wash - Airborne

“My Melinda”—Emmettville, Unincorporated

This song was very fun to record and is one of my favorites to play live. Guitars? We don’t need no stinkin’ guitars.

Song:  My Melinda - Unincorporated  Album: Unincorporated - Emmettville

“Milk Cow Blues”—The Best Westerns, demo
(fiddle and singing)

Jon sings. This is a quick-and-dirty demo done in our bass player’s living room around two mics. Raw and honest.

“The Trick is to Keep Breathing”—Garbage, Version 2.0

Working with these guys on what quickly became a platinum record was great fun. Karl Lavine (cello) and I recorded many takes of each part to create this faux string section.

Song: The Trick Is to Keep Breathing - Version 2.0  Album: Version 2.0 - Garbage

“Melodie du Crouton”—Harmonious Wail, Airborne

I turned 20 when I was at Berklee and came back to Madison soon after. When I got back, this band needed a fiddle player. It was perfect timing and great fun. I worked with them for a few years and have this great recording to remember it by.

Song: Melodie Du Crouton - Airborne   Album: Airborne - Harmonious Wail

“The Garden”—Sunshine Allison, Eastside

OK, I don’t play much guitar, but I wanted to include this solo of mine. Rock on.


“If She’s Gonna Shake It”—The Mark Croft Band

“”””“Al Otro Lado Del Rio” from The Motorcycle Diaries

Song:  Posh de Wash - Airborne  Album: Airborne - Harmonious Wail